Friday, 5 December 2014

I'm currently listing some items on Ebay and Etsy and will put them on here in the run up to Christmas.All Ebay items will have a 99p start.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tri-ang Stockbroker inspired dollhouse for a dollhouse.

The first tentative pieces.
Every time I sit down with an idea and a collection of raw pieces of wood I must admit to feeling  a little daunted
I find it best to start with the basic carcass and build up and out from there.

Most of my ideas start life as a  very rough sketch of what I want to achieve,with the Tri-angs made so far I've had to have an actual picture in front of me as constant point of reference;not sure if this is because of the desire for accuracy or my lack of familiarity with the subject.

Roof complete,first building of the front.
As you can see,tidy I am not.Never have
been and never will be.I do envy a tidy workspace
though and force myself to sort it out between

Ok,this is where I'm going to leave it for today.The basics are all in place now.The next stages will be to add the hinges and paper the inside.I haven't put internal doors in the previous two,but will with this one.

After a couple of days break,due to  family matters I finally
got to do some more on the house,this time adding the windows and internal
Here the base has been painted and natty period wallpaper applied to the walls.I remember some very similar paper from my 1970's childhood :o)

Another day and big push was spent yesterday on the outside ,which is finally finished!

Now I just have to make furniture for the inside.A job I absolutely love.I've decided to kit out every room (maybe even a tool bench for the garage).But certainly two bedrooms,one with bunkbeds! the bathroom and kitchen and I've also decided to have a go at a dining table and chairs.I'll put them on here as they are completed.

These are the two previous houses I have made in the Tri-ang style.

More items available for immediate purchase here-

Monday, 30 June 2014

  Well it's going to take some time to work out the format and workings of this blogging lark,but I'm back :0)

After an awfully long time I've decided (persuaded) to start again.One of the main reasons  for this is that I have started to sell on Ebay once again.I find it an excellent format,between fairs for one off,complex pieces.

And haven't I decided on something complex!After my initial foray into the world of Tri-ang,2 houses so far,one still available to bid on,this is a dolls house for a dollshouse

 I've decided to make a Stockbroker dollhouse for a dollhouse.....eek.
I'll be adding pictures here,as I go along .With my thoughts and whatever else I think may be of interest.
Here's a picture from KT Miniatures Journal,the owner is a vintage house specialist,who will be my point of reference in this jaunt :o)

A Tri-ang stockbroker as it appears on KT Miniatures Blog.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Ok,so what does the miniature world really need?Something that's very dificult to find in good detail?With a little help from my mate Dave a new range of skulls is now on the cards.I've spent the last couple of days whittling masters for the skulls and must say I am rather pleased with the results so far.Watch this space,pictures of the masters and an update about how it's going,coming soon.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Wardian cases with specimen orchids.

Artist's box.

Hello and welcome!My name is Deb Jackson and I am a professional miniaturist.My work is diverse and eclectic covering almost every sphere of history and life.I constantly strive to bring new,different and exciting items to the miniature world. I intend to use this platform as a showcase for my new items-to share the processes and thoughts which go into my miniature creations.

This link takes you directly to Etsy,where My items can be purchased.