Monday, 30 June 2014

  Well it's going to take some time to work out the format and workings of this blogging lark,but I'm back :0)

After an awfully long time I've decided (persuaded) to start again.One of the main reasons  for this is that I have started to sell on Ebay once again.I find it an excellent format,between fairs for one off,complex pieces.

And haven't I decided on something complex!After my initial foray into the world of Tri-ang,2 houses so far,one still available to bid on,this is a dolls house for a dollshouse

 I've decided to make a Stockbroker dollhouse for a dollhouse.....eek.
I'll be adding pictures here,as I go along .With my thoughts and whatever else I think may be of interest.
Here's a picture from KT Miniatures Journal,the owner is a vintage house specialist,who will be my point of reference in this jaunt :o)

A Tri-ang stockbroker as it appears on KT Miniatures Blog.